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Provident 10 Member You’re Approaching Retirement and Overwhelmed by all the Different Options for Your Pension


You’re approaching retirement and overwhelmed by all the different options for your pension.

Commuted Value – Drawing Income – Rolling Pensions – Annuities?

Provident 10 seminars offered few answers to these questions, co-workers give no solid advice – Who can you turn to for guidance when there is no professional, independent voice?

 If you are approaching retirement and feeling lost and overwhelmed with the options, or If you would like guidance offered by an experienced CFP Professional, contact Tim Hazlett Financial today. Tim Hazlett, CFP, RRC specializes in helping Newfoundland & Labrador pension members discover the right options for their unique situation.  

At Tim Hazlett Financial, we ask pension members to bring in their Provident 10 Annual Statement (or the like) and we do the rest. We complete an estimate of the members commuted value and competing retirement plans - comparing the members retirement options. This leads to the member making an informed decision that is right for them.

Retirement plans are not a set it and forget it strategy, or one-size-fits-all!

At Tim Hazlett Financial we meet to review the retirement plan on an ongoing basis, making adjustments as needed. Everyone has their own unique situation, which requires a tailored plan to meet their goals. Best of all, these consultations are complimentary! 

Bring visibility to your options.  Contact Tim today and find the solution that is right for you.
Email Tim or call (709) 235-1263, 

Office (709) 256-4025

My clients retire with confidence, you can too!