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Plan for a fulfilling retirement

Our Pension Member clients retire with confidence, you can too!

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Newfoundland and Labrador Pension Members 

Tim’s  work as a CFP Professional has been most proficient working with  Newfoundland and Labrador pension members entering the Retirement stage  of their life. Considered and expert in this field, he enjoys sitting in an informal environment, to uncover my  client's most desired dreams. I ask many discovery questions in  uncovering their goals.  Once the discovery process is complete, I get to work building a comprehensive plan tailored to the pension members needs and desires using my confident retirement system.

Download our NL Pension Member Sample Retirement Plan

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We ask the pension member simply to bring in their Provident 10 annual statement, or the like, and we do the rest. We complete an estimate of the members commuted value. We then complete competing retirement plans comparing the members retirement options. This leads to the member making an informed decision that is right for them.

On an ongoing basis we meet to review the retirement plan, making changes as needed. Retirement plans are not a set it and forget it strategy or a one size fits all, everyone has their own unique situation, which requires a tailored plan to meet their goals. Best of all, these consultations are free!

If you are nearing retirement, reach out and see why our clients, Live Life Confidently!