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Our Client Testimonials

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness When I recently decided I would be retiring in 2021 I had to make a decision about the best option of how to utilize my pension monies as a Provident 10 pension member. I consulted with Tim on the option of taking a commuted value of my pension. Tim provided me with all the information I needed to make an informed decision on this option. His knowledge and accuracy on the amount of pension I would receive was spot on. His patience and availability for all my questions (and repeat questions) were answered immediately and once I made the decision to utilize this commuted value option, he handled everything from contacting Provident on my behalf, to guiding me through the banking steps, to ensuring I understood how much taxes I would need to put aside. His knowledge on commuted value was invaluable to me in making this decision. I would (and have) highly recommend consulting him if you are considering this option for retirement! 

~ Debbie C. 

I was considering early retirement but wasn't sure if this would be a possibility. A friend provided me with Tim Hazlett's name, and I can 100% say that I have not been disappointed. As a Newfoundland pension member with Provident 10, I wasn't fully aware if I could take an early retirement, I was hearing about a commuted value, what most members refer to as a buyout. Tim has given me expert advice & guidance, both by providing an accurate estimate of my commuted value buyout, along with sound retirement plans, which will help guide me through my retirement years. I am very . happy & content with my decision as well as pleased to share that I am now retired . knowing that I will be financially stable in my retirement! I would recommend Tim to my family and friends without hesitation.

~ Rhonda T.

As a Provident 10 pension member entering retirement, I was not sure of my full options. A coworker suggested I speak with Tim Hazlett at Manulife Securities. Since working with Tim, he has met and surpassed my expectations of working with a financial advisor. He took the time to know what my needs were entering retirement, which gives me every confidence that not just my financial goals are understood, but my comfort level as well. He has been available to answer any questions or explain options, both the estimate of commuted value, which was completed accurately, along with 2 retirement plans comparing retirement with a commute of my pension versus drawing the pension directly from the pension annuity. Transitioning into retirement has been easier thanks to Tim. He handled everything, including contacting Provident 10 on my behalf, to ensure the process moved along smoothly. I would highly recommend his services. 

~ Marilyn C.

We've been working with Tim for about 5 years now. Tim came highly recommended by a friend of my husband Steve...he values our business, meets with us when we have questions, listens to what we want. He lays out the pros and cons so we can decide what's our best options. We like that! Recently I decided I was going to retire as a Newfoundland pension member with Provident 10, so I met with Tim to go through all my options, the 2 main ones being commute my pension or draw a pension directly from the pension annuity. Tim completed what turns out to be a very accurate estimate of my commuted value. He also completed retirement plans for each option, explaining the pros and cons of each one. Tim handled everything, including contacting Provident 10, with my authorization to ensure a smooth transition. I am very happy to be retired, knowing my best interests are being looked after.

~ Terry Ann A.

We have had an excellent experience with Tim as our investment advisor and retirement planner. He is always available to consult with and is very knowledgeable in helping you with decision making, presenting choices and options for you to consider. We highly recommend Tim if you are looking for sound, professional financial information about investing as well as achieving your retirement goals! As Provident 10 pension members, we have been working with Tim over the past few years, discussing what options we have when it comes to retirement. He has completed a few estimates for commuted value, along with retirement plans reviewing what each option will do for us in retirement, along with the pros and cons of each one. We have highly recommended Tim's services to our friends and coworkers, and several have reached out to him for his professional advice on similar matters.

~ Wally and Geraldine F.